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Shanya White
Kris Tyler
Why dont you have someone else write somethin about myself cuz i dont know wat to say! ive lived since i was born real shit/ n i stay on ice like seal shit..
Ayhan Özalp
Theresa Madhead Ratcliffe
I'm 27 engaged wiv 2 beautiful children! love ma kids xx I am currently doin an english/maths course <3 R.I.P Grandad 31/12/11 you will be sadly missed ..
Shane Woolbright
I enjoy the outdoors alot, wether it is hot, cold or just right. I enjoy fishin anywhere. I enjoy speinding time with my family and friends. I love to ride..
Faisal Said
Gerald Jimenez
Terry F Robichaud
Mian Azeem Azeem
Miami. First Black American. Female. To capture. The Capture Donks and Vert's Since 1996 Born and risesd in Liberty City Notorious 15th Avenue, One NIGHT A L..
Beauty Artist
I have a bunny and a dog Gymnastics,beauty,draw,nature Musical.ly @mecousins
Kim Daly
ความเจ็บปวดในวันนี้เป็นบทเรียนที่ดีว่าเราอยู่เพื่อใคร .กีตาร์.ใบเตย
Twitter: @fr8711
Attack On Titan
Md Abu
Md Tohin