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kor/jp Game STREAMER (OW/DJMAX etc.)
Shaira Eliza Carag Cabalsi
a simple girl that want a Good relationship with the most high God and A Christian man who carry me closer to God. í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í¸í ½í²í ½í±í ½í±í ½í±
Shiraoka Amane
20. IDOL. Otaku. I love to sing! I have discord, telegram and youtube. Ask for the accounts :'3
Rekka Alexiel
Ver.4.0♀アメリカ出身・日本16年・ES/INFP・秩序にして善【興味】DOD、ニーア、ヨルハ、君死ニ、ビートエックス 【合唱経験】月オケ・ゲームタクト・カラ庭・FilPhil ★Yo..
Victoria Carrillo
The name is Victoria but most people call me rainbow, don't ask! warning never go out in public with me.. don't wait for the world to be ready Joey Graceffa!