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Shanya White
Kris Tyler
Why dont you have someone else write somethin about myself cuz i dont know wat to say! ive lived since i was born real shit/ n i stay on ice like seal shit..
Ayhan Özalp
Theresa Madhead Ratcliffe
I'm 27 engaged wiv 2 beautiful children! love ma kids xx I am currently doin an english/maths course <3 R.I.P Grandad 31/12/11 you will be sadly missed ..
Mian Azeem Azeem
Miami. First Black American. Female. To capture. The Capture Donks and Vert's Since 1996 Born and risesd in Liberty City Notorious 15th Avenue, One NIGHT A L..
Beauty Artist
I have a bunny and a dog Gymnastics,beauty,draw,nature Musical.ly @mecousins
Kim Daly
Twitter: @fr8711
Attack On Titan
Md Abu
Md Tohin
ความเจ็บปวดในวันนี้เป็นบทเรียนที่ดีว่าเราอยู่เพื่อใคร .กีตาร์.ใบเตย
Shane Woolbright
I enjoy the outdoors alot, wether it is hot, cold or just right. I enjoy fishin anywhere. I enjoy speinding time with my family and friends. I love to ride..
Faisal Said
Gerald Jimenez
Terry F Robichaud