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tysm Ricky
An irish boy ruined my life and I'm absolutely ok with that • 9/06/14 ricky followed
Ashlyn Reah Duncan
yeahh, i mean i love you, but it doesnt matter to you <..3
Kayla Styles
i always wanted to see one direction they are my life. everyone may say they are gay, stupid, ect. but directionators never take me down! I LOVE 1D FOREVER!!
Heart Beats Harder
I sing with life! will marry those 4 British & 1 Irish boy from the band called One Direction (0/5)
All my loving here, this fandom.
central fl
#OneDirection #JustinBieber #NCIS
personal: @alexandraethier Instagram: @alethier
Kaitlyn Stylinson
I ship Larry harder then they have buttsex
i say cool stuff sometimes
Abda Villasana
Estudiante de Comunicación // Futuro Cinematografo // Pastor de adolescentes en NOVA // Amante de los dias nublados
Sidinei Profeta, servo do Altíssimo.Pastor da Rede de Jovens do MFJ. Lider do Ministério de Adoração, Ministro de Louvor, compositor....
Olivia Kane Styles
i have two cats i love them...my bff is Emily Miller....I <3 THAT GURLY!!!! she the best. as u can see.
Amy Louise Buddle
One Direction obsessed. I love you, Harry!❤️
tam chan
one direction好き。だいすき! Directioner. 1D3 follow me,Please! 日本-Japan
call me pretty and nasty
Why don't you speak it out loud, instead of living in your head?
19. Estamos de paso. Soy todo lo que NO buscas. #JiuJitsu . No Guts, No Glory.
kiana Horan
follow my little sis @Charlottehoran1
Brooke Berry
If you watch Empire then i love you already. ☁️Somo is bæ☁️ Met O2L( 6/4/14 ) & Shawn Mendes ( 4/10/15 )