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ORION (@c:you_are_)
Hi... I'm learning japanese.... So , I can come in Japan... my Instagram - __hiro_official_
こちおいでww > 91 179
I don't understand much Japanese but 仲良くしようね~ 💙✨
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Wayne T Jones Jr
im a dark skin 5'8 or 9 brotha who moved from indian to jackson and my weight is like 160 to 170 and i have 6 tats and i love basketball and makin music
George W. Bush
Former U.S President with nothing better to do.
MelissaDoll Vidales
i'm MelissaDOll C: im sweet,polite, cute, classy & crazy but only when i have to be. i do what i want & always get what i want(; i have a big Heart & My famil..
Niña Gaiden
LGBTQ • Zoon Politikon • Wiccan • 420 • Roleplay • Anime •Mi nombre es Lissú, quizá hayas oido hablar de mi.
Jessica Graca
18.loving Life. Love my man. 12/28/13. ❤❤❤
nivaldo dakuzaku
Entretenimento cultural em Araraquara
Programming, procrastinating, /r/wallstreetbets #PCMasterRace ( . Y . ) The Antichrist & full-time man of CULTURE