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José Mauricio
tecnico de eletronica de refrigeracao
f:Reno Hartley
IM 15.I want to live in TEXAS.i play xbox 360, i play hacky sack,and i beat box
Hey! Follow me cuz im nice..most of the time:)
Lori Tommo Styles
Directioner---Larry Stylinson All The Way---It is what it is------Some people miss the message because they r 2 bizy lookin 4 the mistake---5SOS---
☆Sonriendo Desde El 98, Enamorada de 5 idiotas y una guerrera @onedirection & @ddlovato 23/07/2010♥ Proximo destino→WWAT 10 de julio ¡Stäy Strøng!
Brianna 1D❤
I am a Directioner, love music and singing! Love what you do its worth it. I play soccer for a year around team.CVSC Elite⚽ Brandon Evans followed
Julie Furtado
IG @thischickkcrayyxx3
f:Destiny Sanders
Ik <3 why do you need to know you
Tori boo
MAJOR LEAUGE GAMER since 5/4/14 apart of OPG sector CIA GS1
07.13.14 C.L❤️/JCCSS
열다섯 바나
Megan London
Vas Happenin'? I love 1D!!! Fabulouis, PhenomiNiall, Amazayn, BrilLiam, ExtraordinHarry. One Direction + The Janoskians = Perfection 333 ~;]]
One Direction. ♥ Fanática de mi país. iVamos Colombia! 5/5
Sebastian Lupis◢◤
ME GUSTA LA PESCA Y RUGBY 28 de abril ↓ y 16 de mayo ↑ 2014 https://t.co/saaNNcweaP https://t.co/PlyWyIfnIw
Hi my name is Jimena and I like to play soccer :D !!! And One Directions music !!!!