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Madeleine Bouchard
Michelle Boyce
Insta: ayeee.its.michelle Snapchat: michelle.crazy Kik: michelle.1D. "GOOD VIBES ONLY"
I am a music lover.I want to become a singer and a rapper......
ShyBella Dime Criss
tarus,,mom, i deff love kids aswell as mind ,i have a gud heart but never fuk me over are ur dead. funny, sports in m all day, i love to dance dats wat i do i..
Miss Jay
~Isnt it amazing how a candle can both create and destroy the shadows? ~ *12/28/15*
Theres this band I kind of love
Angel Thê Cutë Ønè
Pretty and a beautiful girl and i attend to the best school in jamaica which is St. James high school
또봇, 바이클론즈, 뮤지컬, 미애니 등등 사약 좋아하고요.... 하고싶은 말만 해서 매우 혼란합미다 블언블 팔언팔 개프리...
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