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Simone Love
Im a very nice/mean person at times but i love anybody that hates me
Bella Taylor
I love Niall horan 😍😍😍😍😍
I am 18 year old. Male.Guitarist and singer. Big Fan of Zayn And Eminem
tysm Ricky
An irish boy ruined my life and I'm absolutely ok with that • 9/06/14 ricky followed
Singer/actress. Starting a blog in 1 mounth !! Love ya'll! Remember to make a wish at 11:11!!
Danielle Peazer
Just some girl from the internet.
go follow my active acc go click on the pinned tweet
The Black Heartz
4 girls living out our dream. • Kay, Bri, Lexi, and Dē'Ja
❄Dont think about what others think about u its what u think that counts.One Direction! Saw them 8/14/14 sister o @ranvijay3297 #fireproof❄
Jeanne Fatima L Galemba
I'm friendly and simple...... good studies i have a good friend
1D_5sos_5H_Little Mix_ Taylor_Ariana_ Justin_Austin_Victoria's secret_洋楽love_留学したい«@zaynmalik» follow me
a concert isn't fun without a pit
i only come here to either complain or tell you about random things
Nathaly Julia
Natalia Rodrigues irma do coraçao, Isabelly Stephanie, te amo!!!
Koko Joentaxii
The Official Of Koko Joentaxii
1D, 5SOS, and Magcon// Lucas/4 ☹/5 ☹/9
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