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Demetria Devoone
Hi I'm Demetria Devoone .Also fol.low my best friends @peacetree2 and all her friends keep calm and sparkle on.
ShaylaArchie -Styles
notice me @onedirection !!!! gymnastics ,track ,volleyball ,cheerleading !!!!!! YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE ONE DIRECTION
Emma J Hassall
I love one direction but Harry the most. I love the colour turquoise and mint green. I am 14 but soon to be 15 I have a best friend called Meg
Eleanor Calder
Fake El here..xx Thanks if you follow :) -Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain. -
madison sheftz
all my life you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me all these lights they cant blind me with your love nobody can drag me down
taken ( Layton ) , instagram (alexis123r) , fav color (blue) , age (ain't goin to tell you)
My names Kenzie! I'm obsessed with bands and AHS. [Insert some inspirational quote]
f:Kath Gayapa Morales
im a simply person.. most i know im a stylish person d:
@OneDirection are my life,@Louis_Tomlinson&@NiallOfficial are my everythink,im not a perverted fan ye :).
i am a one directioner and im sorry if u dont like them but i also love horses so there will be alot on that too if u follow me i will follow back i promise ❤️
Of Bieber
Tipo, sou belieber,directioner sou canceriana,tenho 14 anos,amo um garoto que ama outra menina .... Bom gente essa sou eu ~segue~
I Love One Direction
Hi Directioners all over the world plz follow me i will follow back but might not be right away i am always busy so plz have fun looking at my tweets thx!!!!
Come on Bruh
Trying to make an impact on this Earth
мιχє∂♚ || 15✯ || Soon To Be Model ∞
Steffy Cupid
A tomboyish gal who loves Minecraft, games and anime ✌ ♍