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ゆるゆるお絵描き配信: Yama-me * #yama_me 1
Yama-me:Artist. Painter. (@yama_me_do_ob)
Artist. Painter. Amateur Musician ;Andes25F. All rights reserved.|絵を描く人。何か作ってる人。時々ちゃまめ楽団でアンデス25F演奏。鉱物と猫が好き。日々の暮らし..
drawing painting art drawing art illustration お絵描き
Hey! I’m mi.🐰✨ I like to draw pictures.🎨 I’m in tha middle of study English. So I’m not good at English.😓 Bat Please talk to me!! I will try hard and Engl..
just a friend with various skill sets working on a VN during spare time. (ENG/JPN/KOR) 🦋Project P &🌹Project S