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Hi! I'm Tommo from minecraft :3 I'm #minecrafter and #directioner :3 (P.s.- speak english, russian and spanish)
Olivia Kane Styles
i have two cats i love them...my bff is Emily Miller....I <3 THAT GURLY!!!! she the best. as u can see.
Hey! Follow me cuz im nice..most of the time:)
Rima Oikawa
Haylee Brown
I love One Direction!!! #Directionerforlife I also like playing Mario Cart (It's awesome don't judge me!!!!) :D I'm CrAzY!!!!
oya oya | 🐯🖤💛
Meagan landreneau
i may change how i look ,but the one thing i absolutly will not change, is how i act to the people i care about ~~Delcambre, Louisiana
Aaron Zabriskie
my name is aaron zabriskie Instagram zabriskie19 Snapchat zabriskie19 @dre_almaraz Is My Bestfriend
Alice Bate
I know a thing about a thing or two x
Amaya stigler
B.O.B #OoKillEm Thats My Baby
Julie Furtado
IG @thischickkcrayyxx3
everyones a cunt
BVB Army ~4/11/14 Sandra tweeted me~ ✖️ALEX TWEETED ME 5/18/14✖️ #betcherina
Nicole Londo
Be who you want to be.
Nicolette Nelson
Sometimes the quite ones surprise you! Nicolette Nelson Love and kisses kbye!
to be marginalized spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually is dishonoring
IconicBoyz xx
Hay Babes!! IM DIFFRENT! Im a DIRECTIONER and im in TWFAMILY OK! 1|5 Of TheWanted Follows 3
Follow @fxckxxhxmmo & @ahswhorestory_ bc there are hackers on this account