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f:Taysha Burch
I'm a dancer at Gary geis dance company. I am 12 years old.i love to dance watch tv eat and sleep.
Single. sophomore at Eastside High. Follow i follow back. Followed by @AustinMahone Inspired by the beautiful @ddlovato .Gods always 1st. Dream big lovelys! Xx.
poxa vida larry ta la vivendo feliz se comendo o dia todo enquanto você tá ai, sentada em uma cadeira falando que não
☆Sonriendo Desde El 98, Enamorada de 5 idiotas y una guerrera @onedirection & @ddlovato 23/07/2010♥ Proximo destino→WWAT 10 de julio ¡Stäy Strøng!
Brianna 1D❤
I am a Directioner, love music and singing! Love what you do its worth it. I play soccer for a year around team.CVSC Elite⚽ Brandon Evans followed
briana gavigan
one direction,justin bieber,reece mastin, Jack vidgen
Danika Ruiz
im just a lil emo ~ https://t.co/bM5wFuuA0D |https://t.co/DyVv8dNTbH
chloe tomlinson
i'm a directioner, luv u louis tomlinson, live laugh love!!!!3
洋楽&Kpop 残念ハーフ
Megan London
Vas Happenin'? I love 1D!!! Fabulouis, PhenomiNiall, Amazayn, BrilLiam, ExtraordinHarry. One Direction + The Janoskians = Perfection 333 ~;]]
Mercedes Rayne Day
Living my life to be young, wild, and free
hales k
And we dance all night to the best song ever @niallofficial luv u
Kayla Styles
i always wanted to see one direction they are my life. everyone may say they are gay, stupid, ect. but directionators never take me down! I LOVE 1D FOREVER!!
☨ one direction concert 8/8/15 ☨
‏‏‏boy | 199X | Tumblr
f:Jordan Love
my name is Jordan (Jord) Allen Kobe Harry Love
liam is mine
I love liam is my love my heart my reason to breathe