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f:Anthony Bashaw
I like baby chicks and small animals. Singing || Artist || Impressions || Sleeping || Anime || Marvel. Let's be friends! ヽ(*^ー^)人(^ー^*)ノ
Sigbjorn Kaarvann
Musician, vocalist, electrician, process operator-apprentice, science geek & a dad :)
日本語好きの中国人,でも 上手じあない
JaQueesha Fïžžÿ
I love ppl & u & Damon Fizzy
f:Ray Perez
I'm a straight forward dude who enjoys going out hanging with friends. I love dancing and just haven a blast as if it was my last. Tejano Music is my Favorite..
f:Vanessa Barrera
f:Debbie Rader Clanton
I love my Lord, I love my Husband, I love my kids, I am ecstatic to be a Grandmother, I love my family and life. People age, people grow, people change, but ..
jose deharo
I am a big anime fan. I go to anime expo to met alot of intresting people.
英会話の先生ー 夜は立川でホストとして頑張ってまーす‼︎⸜(๑⃙⃘'ᵕ'๑⃙⃘)⸝⋆︎*
f:Jessie Wee
life will be hurt if the LOVE we given to the Lover without in TRUST
f:Masami Rose
Tipo Gráfico
#SDA, cinéfilo, imaginante.
f:Shander Lee Cordeta
Be loving and care for those around you, let go off the toxic people in your life.
Hi this I'd anaiys and Angelina we love to sing and anaiys loves to dance more.........
hey, if u don't like me back off if u like me, we can be friends
Butter-Swag/Buttag Bow Tie | Random and Weird | Flower Crown credit to @PerspicAicious | A9 28/06/14 | 77 27/09/14 |