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Rachael Camui
私はGACKTと吉田みち(Alice in Menswear,SQ F,Maschera)の大ファンです.Interpreter dancer通訳ダンサー,Costume designer衣装デザイナー,Avant Garde & makeup enthusia..
うみ (🍪´꒳`🍪)
23歳/150cm/レイヴ -レンセフ💛/赫猫&憂羅/DOG💙/アクメ💚/金爆 - キリショー❤️/カービィ⭐️/ステッチ💙 エンジェル💓/ぷーさん🍯/コマさん🍦/ONE PIECE ゾロ💚/FLOWBACK🐻JUDAI/th..
f:Shirl Pearl
f:Manami Tseng
turn ur sadness into happiness. i love drawing. games. i don't try to impress you, i just be my self.
Kill my pain with torture Let me drown and watch the sun disappear Stab the light you see in me And give me back to the darkness that frightened me so much
♡#THEORALCIGARETTES♡ #オーラル etc. J ROCK 대부분 좋아합니다. /歌う/(韓/KOR) [2017 수능전까지 반동결]/트찐