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Thainara Vithória
Sou engraçada retardada kkkk legal e muuito simpática!!! Adooooro Cantar, Dom que Deus me deu!!! Bjinhos :*
ハズキ ゼンヤ
I love drawing manga and singing~ <3 :3 would like to make more friends!
SIC PARVIS MAGNA, Greatness from small beginnings. | ffxiv: @ff14zenith_i
Maria Barbakh
~~~(( Maria Barbakh ))~~~
she's dressed in white and put it off crying
音楽が好きな21歳ただの大学生、女子です♪ うたうのがたぶん一番すき* これからたくさんわくわくしたいな。
Ground's breaking.